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  • Research Assistant position available at Florida International University.

    Please see below for a Research Assistant position available at Florida International University. Closes on Nov. 26 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. The facility has 3 laser ablation systems, 3 ICP-MS (Agilent 7700, Thermo Element 2, and Perkin ...

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  • Modern Approaches on Genetic Identification of Missing Persons

    Wednesday November 21, 2018

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  • Course Lecturers

    Molecular Imaging in Forensics


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  • September 13, 2018, 16.00 tot 18.00: Invitation by KNAW for Dutch speaking students on Judicial Errors in Criminal Law (in the Netherlands)

    Judicial errors occur - that much is clear. But on what scale? And does criminal law provide sufficient possibilities to correct such errors? These are the questions that are the subject of a discussion during this afternoon, to which not only ...

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  • 2nd World Conference and Exhibition on Forensic Science

    Scientific Federation cordially inviting you all to the 2nd World Conference and Exhibition on Forensic Science which will be held at Rome, Italy during June 11-12, 2018. Forensic Science-2018 brings together leading scientists, professors, ...

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  • Flyer ESC Summerschool 2018

    2018 Summerschool Forensic Science and Criminology

    This 4-day program brings together, PhD students of the School of Criminal Justice of the University of Lausanne as well as any PhD student from a university delivering a PhD in forensic science or criminology. The aim of the program is to allow ...

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  • Professor Wilma Duijst (UMaastricht) to present 13th B.A.J. Cohen Lecture on January 10, 2018

    The Cohen Lecture series is organised by the Rob Monterie Foundation for Forenic Medicine. Purpose of the Foundation is to introduce students to the field of forensic medicine. The event and lecture will be in Dutch

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  • Flyer Forensic Science Symposium at Pittcon2018

    Forensic Science Symposium at Pittcon2018

    The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the American Department of Justice (DoJ) will organize a forensic science symposium at the upcoming 2018 Pittcon conference and expo. Pittcon 2018 will be organized in Orlando, Florida from February ...

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  • Michael Kirby

    Technology meets law: Can digital technology cohabit with the Rule of Law? Invitation to Peace Palace Lectures, April 18, 2017: 14.00 - 17.00 h.

    The speaker, who was later to serve as a judge in Australia’s highest courts, was from 1978-80 Chairman of the OECD Expert Group on Transborder Data Flows and the Protection of Privacy. That body developed the OECD Guidelines for Privacy which ...

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  • PhD vacancies new Marie Curie ITN Food Smartphone

    RIKLT Netherlands is coordinating a new Marie Curie ITN called FoodSmartphone. Currently the consortium is looking for talented PhD students for 11 projects in 6 EU countries. In the ITN novel portable methods for food analysis and ...

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    Exhibition of work from Alphonse Bertillion, from the early 1900 to the reconstruction of drone attacks in Pakistan in 2012. An overview of 100 years of visual evidence.

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  • ENFSI Logo

    23rd Annual Meeting for Firearms and Gunshot Residues

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  • Flyer

    FYI: Casa Mass Spec Day

    Presentations by Garry Corthals (UvA/CASA), Cathy Lane (Sciex), Rob Hasselberg (VU/CASA), Leendert Hamoen (UvA), Andrea Gargano (VU/UvA/CASA) and John Yates III (Scripps Res. Inst.)

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  • ISFRI 2016

    JOINT Annual Meeting ISFRI/IAFR 2016

    Forensic radiology and imaging plays an increasingly important role in forensic medicine and science. Research and education in this exciting and innovating field therefore have a central place in this meeting. Groups from all over the world will ...

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  • Lauching of study association VERUM

    Verum will aim to create an evergrowing and lasting network of students and alumni of the master's programme Forensic Science at the University of Amsterdam through academic, professional and, most importantly, social activities.

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  • Logo Amsterdam Science Center

    March 11, 2016: Forensic Intelligence meets Data Science

    Amsterdam Data Science’s mission is to develop world-class data science talent and technology within the Amsterdam region. It is a unifying focal point for research, innovation and education around big city data. This event hosts Hans ...

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  • INEF2016 Logo

    ​INEF2016 Conference June 27-30, 2016

    Deadline Call for Papers Extended to March 1, 2016

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  • Spinoza lecture Block

    While We Argue, Children Die

    Spinoza Lecture by Dr. Robert Block M.D. February 16 at 17:00 Lecture Hall 3, AMC

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  • Dr. Kyra Stull to present a 5 day course on Biostatistics using R.

    The Department of Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), University of Amsterdam is honoured to host Dr. Kyra Stull to present a 5 day course on Biostatistics using R.

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  • iQ Signaallezing by Eric Swanson,

    Tje Institute Quantivision and BME & Physics would like to invite you all to attend the first Institute Quantivision “Signaal” lecture that will be given on the 14th of January at 16.00. The motivation of the lecture series is to bridge beta ...

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