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Ben de Rooij (Avans Breda, Forensic Chemistry)

Dr. Ben de Rooij
Dr. Ben de Rooij

Since 2006 Ben de Rooij is senior lecturer and researcher at Avans University of Applied Sciences (Avans UAS). His research interests are metabolomics and forensic toxicology in alternative matrices, profiling of life-style markers, development of targeted methodologies for clinical- and forensic applications, and identification of (forbidden) components in consumer goods.

Next to this, Ben de Rooij coordinates the bachelor program Forensic Laboratory Science. The main focus in this program is the combination of Biology and Chemistry based laboratory experiments applied in forensic science.






CLHC Forensic Science Theme

5. Forensic (Analytical) Chemistry


  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Forensic Science Education


  • Program Coordinator Forensic Laboratory Service
  • Research Project Manager

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