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Zeno Geradts

Special chair in Forensic Data Science

Prof. dr. ing. Zeno Geradts
Prof. dr. ing. Zeno Geradts

Zeno Geradts is a senior forensic scientist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute of the Ministry of Security and Justice at the Forensic Digital Biometrics Traces department. He is expert witness in the area of forensic (video) image processing and biometrics such as manipulation detection on deepfakes. Within the team Forensic Big Data Analysis, he works in research on artificial intelligence on text, images and video. He works within the European Project ASGARD on Forensic big data analysis. He was President of the American Academy of Forensic Science 2019-2020 and chairman of the ENFSI Forensic IT Working group.  From September 1st 2014, he is full professor on Forensic Data Science by special appointment at the University of Amsterdam for 1 day a week. He is active in forensic science since 1991 and has received several awards including the Distinguished Forensic Scientist award from ENFSI in 2012.



CLHC Forensic Science Theme

4. Digital Forensics, Forensic Big Data Analysis & Cybercrime


  • Forensic Science
  • Program manager big data and cyber forensics
  • Forensic ICT
  • Digital evidence and multimedia
  • Face comparison
  • Biometrics
  • Video analysis
  • R&D Coordination


  • Chair Forensic data science University of Amsterdam Institute for Informatics
  • Associate editor Forensic Science International Digital Investigation

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