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Prof. Klaas Slooten

Special chair in Forensic Statistics

Klaas Slooten
Klaas Slooten

Short Biography

Klaas Slooten studied mathematics in Leiden and obtained his PhD in mathematics from the University of Amsterdam in 2003.

In 2008 he joined the Netherlands Forensic Institute. There he specialized into the statistical aspects of DNA analysis, with a special interest in large scale applications of forensic kinship analysis, such as disaster victim identification and familial searching.

He is involved both in casework involving kinship analysis, training of court experts, and in the development and validation of software for weight of evidence calculations in kinship and mixture cases. In addition, he has also been involved in the development of DNA-based identification software (Bonaparte) as well as in its application to real disaster victim identification cases.

In 2015 he was appointed professor at the department of mathematics at the VU university, on the special chair Mathematics for Forensic Genetics. At the university, besides carrying out research, he also teaches several courses on forensic statistics.

Key Publications

  • K. Slooten, Accurate assessment of the weight of evidence for DNA mixtures by integrating the likelihood ratio, Forensic Science International: Genetics 27 (2016), 1-16

  • M.V. Kruijver, R. Meester, K. Slooten,  P-values shoud not be used for evaluating the strength of DNA evidence, Forensic Science International: Genetics  16 (2015), pp. 226-231

  • T. Egeland, K. Slooten, The likelihood ratio as a random variable for linked markers in kinship analysis, International Journal of Legal Medicine 130 (6), 1445-1456, 2016.