PhD Symposium Forensics - Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center

“Forensic science in case work”

27Oct2017 09:00 - 17:30


You are welcome to join us for our Annual Symposium. PhD students involved in forensic science in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Dutch PhD Students involved in forensic science internationally will present their most recent results. The symposium will allow UvA Forensic Science Master Students to learn more about cutting edge forensic science and what it takes to be a PhD student in this field. However, the annual CLHC symposium is open to all with an interest in forensic science!


On Friday, October 27th, 2017 the CLHC - Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center, Amsterdam Center for Forensic Science and Medicine - will host its fourth forensic PhD symposium as part of our annual program. This one day event is organized to build an active network of PhD students who are fully or partly performing their research in the forensic domain. Forensic science as an applied science is by definition very broad encompassing many scientific expertise areas including chemical, physical, digital, mathematical, biological and life sciences. Exciting new ideas and projects often emerge at the borders of these areas, hence we feel it is very important that you as PhD students are actively involved in the CLHC and that you aware of the overall program and the work of many of your peers. The symposium will offer an excellent opportunity to present your work to a broader audience of PhD colleagues, Forensic Science master students, UvA scientists, forensic experts from the NFI and forensic practitioners and professionals working in the Dutch criminal justice system. We will also invite scientists and PhD students that work on forensic science topics on other universities and institutes to build the forensic science network in the Netherlands and abroad. We expect over 100 participants and we will send out an official invitation to our CLHC network after the summer holiday.

As theme for the 4th Forensic PhD Symposium we have chosen “Forensic science in case work” as this year we would like to emphasize that forensic science forms the foundation on which forensic case work builds as new methods are applied and scientific data establishes the evidential value and robustness of findings in individual cases.

Of course we will again aim to get maximum involvement from the Forensic Science Master students allowing them to get a taste of what forensic science is all about.

So for you as PhD students there is an opportunity to meet talented students and get them interested to pursue a research project or literature thesis under your supervision!

We hope that you as CLHC PhD students are able to present your latest findings (for ongoing projects) or research plans (for new projects).

You can opt for a poster presentation or an oral presentation, please note that with a limited number of lectures during the day the CLHC board will have to make a selection from the submitted abstracts.
This selection will be based on the progress/status of the PhD work, fit with the theme and on the overall coverage of topics and science areas in the program.

For now we would like to ask you to reserve the date in your agenda, fill in the registration form (see link below) asap but no later than September 29th, 2017.

The Forensic PhD Symposium will be held at CWI Congress Centre at Science Park Amsterdam, the same venue as last year’s event.

As always an award will be presented (including a check for 100 euro) for the best PhD poster at the symposium which will be selected by a committee of CLHC coordinators and CLHC steering group members.

Please note that it is perfectly ok to use material that you have prepared for or presented at national or international conferences, alternatively material you present at our conference could also be useful for upcoming conferences.
Also this year we will present the best student poster award, in the registration form you can opt to be a member of the selection committee consisting of forensic PhD students.

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