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Post-mortem redistribution of psychoactive medicinal drugs

Forensic Expertise Area: Forensic toxicology

Psychoactive medicinal drugs (PMD)
Psychoactive medicinal drugs (PMD)


Psychoactive medicinal drugs (PMD) are common medical treatments in the world. Moreover, these substances are commonly related to violent causes of death which need a forensic investigation. In those cases, toxicological studies are necessary and require to identify and to quantify these substances with laboratory techniques.
Quantitative results of PMD (antidepressant, antipsychotic, benzodiazepines, Z-drugs, opioids…) concentrations in post-mortem peripheral blood samples are often influenced by post-mortem redistribution phenomena. The knowledge of the patterns of how different type of PMD are redistributed in a death body is basic to make an accurate interpretation of the results.
The objective of this thesis is to make a review of the literature about the published alterations in the different types of PMD due to post-mortem redistribution phenomena. This review could help the interpretation of these results by the forensic doctor.


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Institute Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences Catalonia


Forensic toxicology
Supervisor :        Geli Gallego Herruzo 

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Prof Roelof-Jan Oostra
UVA Coordinator Arian van Asten/Yorike Hartman