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In 1947 the Dutch forensic pioneer Co van Ledden Hulsebosch published his memoirs entitled ‘Veertig Jaren Speurderswerk’ (Forty years of Detective Work). In an engaging and humorous manner Co discusses the many cases that he investigated and solved using criminalistic reasoning and forensic science methods. The book was very popular at the time and needed to be re-printed 4 times (in total 5 editions appeared).

With the CLHC celebrating its 10-year anniversary, a team of Dutch forensic scientists and experts are currently working on a translation of the famous memoirs to English. The official book launch is expected in October of this year. 

The introduction of large language models like ChatGPT is enabling us to tell these stories that mark the start of forensic science in the Netherlands to a much larger, international audience.
One of the contributors, Charles Berger, principal scientist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute and professor of Criminalistics at Leiden University, also embarked on a personal mission….
Originally trained at the NFI as a questioned documents examiner, he used his skills to make the perfect digital copy of the original book in Dutch!
On the CLHC website the prior scans of the book made by Co junior, the grand son of van Ledden Hulsebosch, have now been replaced by this brand-new edition prepared by Charles.

titelpagina 40 jaar speurderswerk
Cover of the book "Veertig Jaren Speurderswerk