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Forensic Research

The Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center (CLHC) was launched on September 13, 2013 by three founding partners: The Faculty of Science (FNWI) and the Academic Medical Center (AMC, nowadays Amsterdam University Medical Centers) of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI).

The main aim was to build forensic science in the Netherlands through an interdisciplinary network in which scientists and forensic experts collaborate in a thriving and diverse academic portfolio of forensic science projects. Such an active forensic science program in the Netherlands would benefit both forensic practice as the academic education in this field. The matrix model in which scientific domain expertise from various academic groups forms the basis for forensic scientific research proved to be very successful and the number of partners within the CLHC quickly expanded. Currently, in total 7 partners representing 17 institutes form the CLHC network. This also includes organizations outside Amsterdam Science Park (the NFI, Delft Technical University,  Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda, VU University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).

A short history of the CLHC was recently published in the journal Expertise and Recht (in Dutch) :

Eight key themes

The current portfolio of forensic scientific activities within the CLHC cover eight key themes that represent the forensic academic expertise in the network :

  1. Criminalistics, Criminology and Crime Scene Science
  2. Forensic Statistics and Mathematics
  3. Forensic Engineering
  4. Digital Forensics, Forensic Big Data Analysis and Cybercrime
  5. Forensic (Analytical) Chemistry
  6. Forensic Medicine
  7. Forensic (Bio)Physics
  8. Forensic Biology
The eight key research themes
The eight key research themes

Each theme will be discussed in more detail in the subsequent pages providing information on the ongoing projects and the institutes and scientists involved. A special section is dedicated to ARISTA, a unique subsurface taphonomic test site located at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location Meiburgdreef.