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Projects for Literature Thesis

Results: 1 - 9 of 9
Results: 1 - 9 of 9
  • Forensic Science, Psychology, Communication
    Unbiased visualizations in forensic science reports

    Forensic Expertise Area : Forensic Science, Psychology, Communication

  • DART-TOF-MS setup at the Virginia Department of Forensic Science
    The use of DART-MS in forensic chemistry

    Forensic Expertise Area : Forensic Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis

  • 700MHz NMR facility
    The use of NMR in Forensic Chemistry

    Forensic Expertise Area : Forensic Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis

  • Illicit-drug impurities as candidates for synthesis route-specific markers

    Forensic Chemistry – Illicit Drugs

  • Adulterants, cutting-agents and impurities in cocaine as potential candidates for retrospective data mining

    Forensic Chemistry – Illicit Drugs

  • Picture Single Cell on a Chip
    Single cell DNA-analysis on-chip

    Forensic Expertise Area: DNA-analysis

  • Electrochemical detection and characterization of explosives

    Forensic Expertise Area: Explosives

  • Donor profiling in hair

    Forensic Expertise Area : forensic toxicology, instrumental analysis

  • Area of interest: Forensic Toxicology, New Drugs, Doping, Dried Blood Spot (on-site testing)

    Are you interested in Forensic Toxicology, New Drugs, Doping or Dried Blood Spot (on-site testing)? This is your chance to come up with your own subject for a literature thesis!