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Donor profiling information from fingermarks

Forensic Expertise Area : Fingermarks/fingerprints

We are looking for a (bio)medical/Chemistry/Molecular Biology student, who is looking for an interesting internship.

Fingermarks contain much more information than the ridge pattern. The chemical composition contains a lot of additional information on the donor of the fingermark. In this research project the student will search for interest chemical components present in the fingermark that may reveal donor profiling information, like gender, drug use or other interesting information. Techniques that will be used during the internship are immunolabeling, (fluorescence) spectroscopy and microscopy.


1. van Dam, A.; Aalders, M. C. G.; van de Braak, K.; Hardy, H. J. J.; van Leeuwen, T. G.; Lambrechts, S. A. G. Simultaneous labeling of multiple components in a single fingermark. Forensic Science International 2013, 232 (1ÃÇô3), 173-­‐ 179.

 2. Drapel, V.; Becue, A.; Champod, C.; Margot, P. Identification of promising antigenic components in latent fingermark residues. Forensic Sci. Int. 2009, 184 (1-­‐ 3), 47-­‐53.



Bio(chemical), bio(medical) background

 Institute/Company :

Academic Medical Center/ UvA


Biomedical Engineering & Physics

City: Amsterdam
Country :  The Netherlands
Supervisor : 

Annemieke van Dam

Examiner Maurice Aalders