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Arjo Loeve (TU Delft, 3mE, Forensic Engineering)

Dr. ir. Arjo Loeve
Dr. ir. Arjo Loeve

Arjo has his roots and PhD in (bio-)mechanical engineering. He soon saw that the biomechanical engineering principles used to analyse and solve medical problems from an engineering perspective could very well be applied to the forensic field. That is why he has been applying biomechanical engineering principles for forensic research and innovations since 2008. He started by investigating the reliability of forensic trace sampling methods used on rape victims. Since 2006 he has been working at the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical,  Maritime & Materials Engineering, department of BioMechanical Engineering. His research lines focus on: 1) “Forensic Engineering”; analysing failures of medical-technological systems and trauma mechanisms in biomechanical systems, and 2) “Engineering for Forensics”; developing forensic technology. Research in these areas include analysing and modelling crime scene investigation workflows, measuring and modelling the mechanics in abusive shaking of infants. Recent technological innovations range from a seemingly simple nail clipper for forensic samples collection to a combined hardware and software system that enables contactless addition of size references in evidence photography. All of this is done with early and continuous involvement of and cooperation with problem owners and intended users, such as the NFI and the Dutch Police.


CLHC Forensic Science Themes

1. Criminalistics, Criminology & Crime Scene Science
3. Forensic Engineering
7. Forensic (Bio)Physics


  • (Bio-)Mechanical Engineering
  • Workflow analysis
  • Medical & Forensic Device Design