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Daniel Bonn (UvA, IoP)

Prof. dr. Daniel Bonn
Prof. dr. Daniel Bonn

Prof. Dr. Daniel Bonn is the acting Director of the van der Waals-Zeeman Institute for experimental physics. of the University of Amsterdam. He is also Group Leader of the Complex Fluids Group, where about 40 researchers study the flow behaviour of simple and complex fluids and solids. Before coming to Amsterdam, he was a CNRS research director at the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, where he led the Complex Fluids group for many years. He published more than 300 papers on wetting phenomena, complex fluids, hydrodynamics, mechanics, tribology and the statistical mechanics of glasses.

Bonn is involved in a large number of industrial collaborations such as with Michelin, SKF and Unilever, Shell, DSM, Akzo Nobel, ASML etc. Bonn is also co-founder of the successful agro-food startup company GreenA that just received a Round A investment from a venture capital firm and now employs several people. His current research interests cover tribology, complex fluid rheology, hydrodynamic instabilities and of late the aerosol spreading of the Coronavirus. His interest in forensic science is in Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA), where he contributed to the study of impacting blood droplets together with the NFI.

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7. Forensic (Bio)Physics

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