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Klaas Slooten (VU, Forensic Mathematics)

Prof. dr. Klaas Slooten
Prof. dr. Klaas Slooten

Klaas Slooten works as statistician and reporting officer (DNA kinship) at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) at the Biological Traces department. At the VU University Amsterdam he is professor by special appointment of the chair “Mathematics for forensic genetics”.

His interests lie in the mathematical and statistical description of forensic problems with some focus on DNA analysis, ranging from theoretical to more applied topics. Most of his research is in the area of DNA kinship and/or DNA mixture evaluation. For example, he has developed the statistical model and computer implementation of MixCal, one of the models the NFI uses for the evaluation of the evidential value of DNA mixtures.

Klaas has written about 30 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals, some in collaboration with co-authors from various universities and laboratories. He is co-author (with prof Ronald Meester, VU University) of the book “Probability and Forensic Evidence: Theory, Philosophy and Applications” (Cambridge University Press, 2021). He teaches courses at the VU on forensic statistics and on statistics in general.

CLHC Forensic Science Theme

2. Forensic Statistics & Mathematics


  • Interpretation of Forensic DNA profiels
  • Forensic probability and statistics
  • Forensic Science Education

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