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Lisette Kootker (VU, Forensic Chemistry)

Dr. Lisette Kootker
Dr. Lisette Kootker

Dr. Lisette Kootker is a researcher in the Geology and Chemistry department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research focusses on the application of radiogenic and stable isotope systems (Sr-Pb-O-H-C-N) in archaeological and forensic research with the aim to gain insight into dietary and mobility patterns. Her research interests include the isotopic characterisation of the natural archaeological and modern landscape (isoscapes), and the effects of diagenesis on the isotopic integrity of tissues in forensic contexts, including involvement in actualistic taphonomic experiments at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility (FARF) in Texas, United States. Moreover, she is a member of the UNDER (UK- the Netherlands Decomposition Experimental Research) group that conducts actualistic experiments at ARISTA in Amsterdam. The isotope research aids in the identification process of unidentified victims in cold-case and recent forensic investigations commissioned by the NFI and various other foreign police forces.

CLHC Forensic Science Theme

5. Forensic (Analytical) Chemistry



  • Forensic isotope geochemistry
  • Human – animal bone

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