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Maurice Aalders

Special chair in Forensic Biophysics
Prof. dr. Maurice Aalders
Prof. dr. Maurice Aalders

Maurice performs research at the interfaces of applied physics, chemistry, biology, medical practice and forensic science. His research lines cover medical and forensic-practice related research with topics such as fluorescence diagnostics and photodynamic therapy. In 2006 a NWO/STW VIDI grant marked the start of the forensics biophysics group whose research is aimed at the implementation of innovative optical and other techniques in forensic investigations. Starting with a research line aiming to improve the determination of the age of inflicted bruises as part of the diagnosis of child abuse, the group now covers lines on the age determination of bloodstains, post-mortem time determination from body cooling and bloodstain pattern analysis. All research is carried out in strong collaboration with the NFI and the Dutch Police. Considering the group's unique unexplored field and growing national and international societal and scientific interest, the UvA appointed Maurice ‘Professor by special appointment’ in ‘Forensic Biophysics’ in 2012. Furthermore, in 2012, a start was made to set up an institute for stimulating joint research, education and case work in forensics which resulted in the official start of the CLHC which Maurice is co-directing with Arian van Asten since September 13, 2013.

CLHC Forensic Science Theme

7. Forensic (Bio)Physics


  • Forensic (Bio)Physics
  • BioMedical Optics
  • Forensic Science Education


  • Coordinator Forensic Biophysics, Amsterdam UMC
  • CLHC Board Member

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