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Titia Sijen

Special chair in Forensic Human Biology

Prof. dr. ir. Titia Sijen
Prof. dr. ir. Titia Sijen

Titia leads the Research team of the division Biological Traces at the Netherlands Forensic Institute since 2007. Being embedded in this large casework-centred forensic institute stimulates applied research and the development of methods that can provide investigative leads or increase evidential value. Main research themes include analysis and probabilistic interpretation of complex DNA profiles, RNA profiling to infer cell type identity, mitochondrial DNA analysis and application of massively parallel sequencing for forensic purposes such as age, ancestry and appearance prediction. Techniques are developed and critically evaluated, with ample attention to interpretation strategies and readiness for full implementation for the forensic practise. Since June 2020, Titia is appointed professor by special appointment in Forensic Human Biology at the UvA.

CLHC Forensic Science Theme

8. Forensic Biology


  • Molecular Biology
  • Forensic Science education

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