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2018 Summerschool Forensic Science and Criminology

ESC, University of Lausanne

This 4-day program brings together, PhD students of the School of Criminal Justice of the University of Lausanne as well as any PhD student from a university delivering a PhD in forensic science or criminology. The aim of the program is to allow PhD students to develop their network as well as generic cross-disciplinary skills for successfully conducting their PhD research, but also to prepare them to their professional career. It promotes the active participation of the PhD students, by allowing them to present their work through lectures and posters sessions.

Flyer ESC Summerschool 2018

When ?  10-13 September 2018

For Whom ?   International PhD students, doing their thesis in forensic science or criminology.

Where? Hotel Cristal, Saignelégiers, Jura

How much?   Costs vary according to room accommodation: CHF 784.00 for a single room, CHF 579 for a double room.

The detailed program, thematics and speakers will be announced soon. Please note that grant opportunities are also available until May 1. More information on the program can be found here​.