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On September 13th and October 25, 2019 the CLHC hosts two very interesting events:


First, on September 13th, we will have a very special Frontiers of Forensic Science sessions to kick off the new academic year. We will be a guest at the Law faculty of the UvA at Roeterseiland where we will discuss the opportunities and challenges at the interface of criminal law and forensic science. 
Dr mr Jill Coster van Voorhout will chair the session which also reflects the increased collaboration between the Science, Medicine and Law faculties of the UvA when it comes to Forensic Science. More information on the program and a poster announcement will be become available approximately 1 month before the event. 

Then on Friday, October 25th, we will organize our annual CLHC symposium. This time again at our traditional location at CWI, Science Park, Amsterdam. Theme of the symposium is Crossing Borders (See also below at AAFS conference).

We hope that you can share your latest forensic findings with us, either through an oral or a poster presentation.

2020 AAFS Conference (and what it could mean to you)

As you probably know prof Zeno Geradts will be the first non-USA president of the AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) conference!

The 2020 AAFS conference will be held from February 17-22 in Anaheim, California* and the theme for the conference is Crossing Borders.

We will adopt this theme for our annual symposium and Zeno will also be our president and chair for the day (‘Zeno for President’!). We have several other ideas to link our symposium to the AAFS given this very special edition.

One such idea is a truly special price for the best PhD poster award! The winner can attend AAFS 2020 with financial support of the CLHC to cover travel, lodging and registration.

In return you will have to be a true CLHC ambassador at the conference and help us out at the CLHC booth at the conference.