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For the first time in the history of the CLHC, forensic scientists active in our network have managed to publish their findings in the prestigious journal Nature Communications!

Forensic biophysics and medical biology researchers from the Amsterdam University Medical Centers in collaboration with the Netherlands Forensic Institute have developed an accurate and non-invasive methodology based on visual and thermal 3D imaging to accurately estimate the PMI (post-mortem interval) for individual cases taking into account the specific circumstances such as body posture and victim weight, length and clothing (read article).

The combination of Thermodynamic Finite Difference (DFT) modelling and imaging data resulted in an estimation accuracy of 15 minutes for true PMIs in the range of 2-35 hours. The CLHC congratulates first author Leah Wilk and CLHC coordinators prof Maurice Aalders and prof Roelof-Jan Oostra with this outstanding achievement!