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Introducing....... We are thrilled to present our first, brand new CLHC newsletter including a professional system for email distribution and communication. In this way we can keep our network and the forensic science students updated on the latest developments in forensic science and upcoming CLHC and partner events.

To switch smoothly to this new system, we need all members of the original CLHC email list to re-subscribe.

This will also allow you to change the email address if you so wish. To limit the amount of sensitive information, we only ask you to share with us your first and surname, contact email address, your affiliation and your role. You can always decide yourself what information you want to share with us. However, we do need an email address and a name, otherwise we cannot stay in touch.

Keeping AVG in mind, we do require your explicit consent for providing us with this personal information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Cancelling or altering your subscription can now easily be done directly from the CLHC website with only a few mouse clicks. 

All CLHC members will receive in July our brand new newsletter, in which is also stated as above.

New members can subscribe themselves with the button beneath!