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In their recent Subversive Crime call in the KIC program, NWO, the Dutch Science Foundation, invited consortia consisting of academia, companies, and institutions in the criminal justice system to submit innovative ideas to combat subversive crime in the Netherlands.

The three awarded research projects, PRICELESS, FIDBID, and FORT-PORT, cover a range of themes related to understanding and obstructing crime that undermines the Dutch society. The PRICELESS project focuses on analyzing the valuation practices of art and luxury items, which can be converted into financial assets for illegal purposes such as money laundering. The FIDBID project involves collaboration between forensic experts, data scientists, and criminologists to extract and report forensic information from lab analyses of drugs, providing essential insights into production, origin, and transportation of evidence. The FORT-PORT project aims to address issues like cocaine trafficking, human smuggling, and corruption in and around the port of Rotterdam, in a collaboration between business, government organizations, and scientists.

For those interested in contributing to the overall aim of fighting subversive crime, three PhD positions in three different science areas (Chemistry, Data Science, and Criminology) have become available in the FIDBID project:

FIDBID PhD Position - WP1 - Chemistry
FIDBID PhD Position - WP2 - Data Science
FIDBID PhD Position - WP3 - Criminology

Funded projects

Read more about the three awarded research projects, displayed in random order.