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Estimating the deposition height of passive bloodstains

Estimating the deposition height of passive bloodstains

Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) is one of the few forensic disciplines that are able to give a statement about what has happened at a crime scene instead of who was present at a crime scene. In order to make a reconstruction of the crime, the origin of individual bloodstains is important. At the University of Amsterdam, a method was developed to determine the flight path of each individual stain, based on its surface area and the volume [Laan 2014].

The method was validated for so-called impact patterns [Laan2015]. In this project, the method will be extended to passive bloodstains to estimate the fall height of the droplet.


  1. Laan et al. 2014
    Maximum diameter of impacting liquid droplets. Phys Rev Applied 2 044018
  2. Laan et al. 2015
    Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: implementation of a fluid dynamic mode lfor position determination of victims. Sci Rep 5:11461

Institute/Company :

Netherlands Forensic Institute


Human Biological Traces/Front Office


The Hague

Country :  The Netherlands
Supervisor : 

Karla de Bruin/Gerda Edelman

UvA Examinator:

Daniel Bonn

Uva Coordinator